Dr.House's Cane Model

Its a cane of Dr.House’s, Flame style.

Dr.House Skin IS NOT included in this download, only the cane.

Model by: Arleitiss
Skin by: Fallen Angel

I can’t imagine what this could be used for, nice skin nonetheless.

I can imagine: beating the shit outta hookers.

Btw just to let you all know, it has a right collision model. So you can actually hook it up on something like pipe. Or drag ragdolls using that hook.

…um two things that guy looks scary and two what is he going to do with that guy?

Surgery :D.

Is it your computer or is that screenshot low-res?

Its my computer, I hate it so much, I tried to save up for one and parents won’t let me get a new one.

Now we need a House skin, that one in your picture looks like shit.

Could you post the facemap of that House skin here? I wanna try using that facemap to make a better looking House skin for a citizen or something.

Well, Um you have skype or steam?

It’s kind of obvious he has Steam…

Can’t you just PM it to me?

there is an steam icon under your username also

The flames make him go fast.

And his shoes make him go faster.

However, the weight of the beard slows him.

Dude… Too Awesome… :smithicide:

Nooooo! D:

Absolutely not like House