Dr. Jonathan Crane, instigator of the Gotham City infection.

A close up essientially, but wanted to just practice and mess around with lighting and stuff.


Compare - http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/91372

lighting is so good it’s killing me.

That’s fucking beautiful.

Lighting and shadow are boss.

Im so not going to shake hand with him!

But i agree with the others, that lightning is awesome, love the posing too!

Everyone bow to the Gmod King,


You have made my day with this, The Scarecrow was my brothers fave character, he would have loved this.

Looks insane.

Eye candy.

I want that mask!

Have my babies.

where’d you find the model?

S-Low’s website.

The Lighting, the Posing, the everything. Fucking brilliant!. Your poses are always so puuuurdy!. :smile:

I don’t think the vignetting helped with the fire. Makes it look strange.

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I love it otherwise.

Do you know that your tests are people’s real poses? Urbanator? Again, this thing is killing me with its beauty.

Thanks for the comments yall!

Goddaaaaaaaaaaaaammmnn that is some sweet lighting

If you don’t stop making amazing pictures I will report you