Dr Kevorkian's Hunter armored Elite

I’m finally releasing this because I pretty much feel it is done.


Unless you have the brain of a mouse or have a human brain and your just very stupid, you will see that this is a Combine Elite with the armor of a hunter!

I uploaded it to filefront and filefront only, not garrysmod.org, not fpsbanana, filefront okay. Okay? Good.


Cool. Now make a Hunter with the elites armor(they already did a strider)

That combine looks bad ass. You have my download.

Also, where can I get that breen skin?

You want my Breen eh?
Well I’ll just do some Phong, rimlight that sucker, make it look a bit better, then release.

Thanks for the random dumb rating, I appriciate receiving things for less than no reason!

More dumbs please, we need to create a record here!

u forgot to make eye glow

Filefront- File is unavavible. Care to upload it to a diffrent site?

Neon Ginger Breen
Thought the 'Vestin Elite with the hunter skin was cooler though.

Indeed. He should consider putting it on Gmod.org The one ON THIS THREAD.
Cause the file is… “Unavaiable” so, Yeah. >.> All hunter themed elites are ownage.

Partially agree with that…
Only cuz the single elite out there with an EYEBALL is by far the most epic.

But can he atleast fix the link?

I’ve been away for a bit, so I couldn’t update with a new link for the people who requested one, here’s the garrysmod.org link for you.

Is this hexed?

.zip file contains on a few VTF and VMT files.