Dr.Magnuson's Time grenade


Here is Dr.Magnussons time grenade.
Dr.Magnusson wished to invent something new that would be more useful to Gordon than the Quantum storage device Kleiner invented.
Dr.Magnusson created a grenade with some powerful features.

Here is some pics.

Rewinding time

Grenade effects

Here is also a video.


Primary fire: Will throw a time grenade. If you are too close to the grenade it will freeze you which means that you can’t move or use any weapons. The grenade will slow down time and physics and kill any NPC and freeze them. It will only take half of a players health which means that you can’t kill a player with it.

Secondary fire: Slow down time and physics on a single object. It will also harm NPC’s but i don’t recommend you to use it as a weapon because it doesn’t cause much damage.

**Reload:**Will “Rewind time”. By rewinding time you will gain lost health and you will also be moved to a position you where you were. How long you go back in time depends on for how long you hold the reload button. It will only rewind time for the player and not everyone on the whole map. You can’t switch from another weapon and then to the time grenade and rewind time. You will need to have it equipped.

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That’s pretty awesome if I have to say so myself.

Yay Dr.Magnusson is here!

You always make these little entities and sweps that turn out to be very awesome.

Yet another awesome release from Sakarias, very nice! Looks very practical in close combat. The rewind seems a bit fast though.( By the way, is this the time bomb I was talking about in my request thread about a time bomb?)

Err… I don’t remember anything about a timebomb.
Please refresh my memory.

But the time grenade does exactly what you requested in this thread.

PS: I did your request by mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow good job Sakarias. you’ve got my download as usual.
btw what’s the song name?

Read the credits.

I was expecting a troll thread with the Vanilla HL2 grenade that exploded on a timer :S

Bass kleph-bump uglies.
It’s awesome ^^

The secondary fire makes me feel awesome, some huge prop is falling on me and I just stick out my hand, and it slows to a halt seconds before it hits me and I just walk away from it and as soon as I am out from under it it falls.

Awesome. Quick question though: Does it prevent players from killing themselves? And if not, can you make it so it does?

Well the only way out is to type kill in console.
Do you mean that they shouldn’t even be able to use the kill command?

Ironic. Dr.Magnusson’s grenade and Dr. Kleiner waS USING IT!

They have to test it before they give it to Gordon don’t they?
Otherwise we might get a black mesa deja vu (Gordon touches something and everything explodes and everyone die).

Sounds awesome. Downloaded.

I’d love too see another source, I cannot download anything over 1mb of garry’smod.org alternativly fpsbanana.com is popular for lots of games it wouldn’t go un-noticed nor un-appreciated

Yes. My friends usually just do that to get out of traps and such on my server…

But then technically, the grenade could rewind time and stop him from touching it?