Dr Magnusson reskin (Old Man) Revisit

Yeah shitty editing. I don’t give a fuck. :v:

dat bump map

dat reply

His hair looks a little shiny, almost rubbery.

Labcoat looks kind of rubbery too but that makes it awesome. Shouldn’t his ID badge have his first name, or at least an initial on, though?

I just remade the original one.

I guess I could fit an A in there. You make a pretty good point.

And yeah… About the hair. Hair is a little reflective, and I want to try to get it to do that… So far it’s failing.

Glad you like to coat :3

Looks like he stuck his head in a bucket of hair gel.
The rest looks incredible though

He could have oily hair, afterall; most of the rebels mention not having a shower when talked to.

I can remove the shine completely from his hair no problem. I had no idea it was that bad.

Except that after a couple of weeks of not washing your hair, it loses a lot of the oil because your body isn’t trying to combat the dryness that shampoo causes.
So he shouldn’t have oily hair. (besides, oily hair doesn’t shine that much)

The phong is ridiculous.

Oiled old man .

sOiled old man .

I didn’t know the White Forest resistance could afford oil baths.

Ok people, shut the fuck up about the fucking phong. That’s all you guys have to say? Jesus christ he has much less phong on him then a L4D character!

If you guys are saying that just because of the hair, well fuck off I said it’s fixed now already.

Do try harder to crit this then just say it’s oily. Skin has natural oils in it, and the skin has shine in natural places. The EXP map is generated accurately using how the light reacts to the skin in my reference photos.

Is it his labcoat that is the problem? WELL SPEAK THE FUCK UP!

I’m not complaining I think you did a great job.

Thanks bro~

I guess since it’s two guys who seem to be new here, there just trying to fit in. Not like I’m going to stand for it tough. :v:

I think a lot of people might just be looking at the picture in the OP, and not reading the rest of the posts.

True true, but that alone kind of makes em look like morons non?

And they are saying it’s just oily. What’s oily? The hair? The face? The labcoat?

They just say it’s oily. I’m not going to turn off all the phong entirely just because some 15 year old is telling me he thinks it’s too oily.

It’s not the phong that’s texture based, it’s the settings in the .vmt. I think the combine soldier uses pretty good phong settings, you might want to play with those.

And great job on the face.

Yeah except I am using vmt settings that are actually suited for skin.

I’m using Bills VMT and the Exp map is darker.

Skin has some reflective properties guys. :confused: I don’t run up to a bald guy and tell him his head is too shiney to be realistic.

Thanks for the useful comment tough.