Dr. Magnusson Sounds?

Umm…I don’t really know where this thread should be, but I need help for a movie. Really, just a sound request since I don’t have it.

Well, here ya go:

Hello. Just a simple request here, and to anyone willing to help, it would be much appreciated. All it is: a sound request for Dr. Magnusson’s sounds when he launches his rocket. Ex. - LIFTOFF! (Laughs).
I know I could probably steal that sound off a video, but I don’t want other sounds within it, and I do not own which ever HL2 the original sound is in.


PS. You can either tell me a site to get it from, or send it to me via email.

Download GCFscape.

Go to program files/steam(Or valve/steam)/steamapps

Open episode 2 content.

Search for mag

There should be serveral VCD files, as well as a bunch of other files. The VCD files are the sound files, I guess. I’m still trying to find a program that can read these.

The VCD files are faceposer files

They are face animations


Hurp. Well. I dunno.