Dr. Manhattan, Silk Spectre, and Nite Owl

Yeah, could someone model these? I want to use them in a “How Watchmen should have ended” video, made in Gmod. So, any takers?

Silk Spectre

Dr. Manhattan


Nite Owl


second the support!

Support :smiley:


Support! We so need this. But knowing the kids on gmod we will end up getting some sex poses…

This small sacrifice is worth it.

If you make a gun on these forums, it’s probably going to be used for a sex pose. xD
It’d be pretty awesome if someone were able to make these models, though.

A gun? Really? Kids these days are so hard up they make sex poses with guns?

It’s just one of those things you come to learn and expect of the Facepunch community. Just like the rarity of porting or modeling something new.