Dr. Mario [Kingdom Hearts Models for Trade]

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone had a Dr. Mario model laying around on their pc or the ability to get the model for me. Preferably the model from Melee would be great especially if its in an unanimated T-pose.

I don’t care what format it is in (.obj, .3ds, .smd are preferable though); Or how ready it is. As long as its got mesh and textures I’ll be a happy camper.

If someone wanted to make a scratch Dr. Mario that would work fantastically too. I’m not so skilled in the fine arts of scratch mesh making but I only have Milkshape 3d so what can I say? Not quite as advanced as max or maya.

Anyway here’s some reference pictures:



mariokart64n had him back in may of 2007 but that was forever ago and he since has deleted the model of him. So I can’t get it from him.


That was the picture he showed back then.

Anyway as for the topic name “[Kingdom Hearts Models for Trade]”, I have recently got the ability to rip kingdom hearts 1 and 2 and have about 200 models in .obj format with .dds textures. I’ve rigged a couple in Milkshape but I couldn’t make them ragdolls from that because of lack of knowledge but just the fact that some are rigged may appeal to some people. I just know that back when medrop was doing Kingdom Hearts models people seemed to like them. They are all T-posed.

And really if there is a specific character someone wants I may have it and be able to get you it just because you asked nicely. But should I need to go digging through the dumped files for it I may not be so willing to go get it.

Thank you for any help you can give me.


I would LOVE to see the doctor in gmod. The model was very high-quality, and it would look even better with the “brawl” textures that S made on his blog:

I can rip those textures, but you would still need the model…
If you can turn it into a ragoll, I can make a request thread in another forum for you. Just let me know.

BTW, if you are interested in more melee models, I have both classic and smash trophy models of Roy ripped and unflattened.

Those textures look amazing and would definitely be worth getting. A definite plus for when we get the models. And I would love to get the Roy trophies as well if you already have them. I’m sure many people would like him ragdolled too.

I’m interested on learning to ragdoll for gmod and so I was going to give it a go with Dr. Mario but should things go well I’ll try other characters too. S as in S-Low? I’d be interested in reading his blog just for fun if you can give me a link.

Heck, I can’t unflat properly the smash trophy of roy…

Well, I suppose you can do it yourself, if not, I will give him another try. Here’s the Roy Pack: (Roy was ripped by kingmudkip from the nintendo papercraft forums)

First link was removed due to a mistake. Download the new one here:

I have also included the “Brawl” textures that S made for roy.
And this S is the one from stack smash, he’s not S-Low. Here’s his melee texture hacking blog if you are interested:

Awesome thank you Vert092. I’ll try with the Roy models that are in there. Didn’t see the other textures in there. Just something called Smash Keygen which my anti-virus freaked out about.

That Link Looks Awsome. ment to be a Kid version of TP one? sure looks like it

Shit. I uploaded a wrong file. I don’t know what that keygen is… that’s strange. The model that you downloaded isn’t unflattened and doesn’t have the new textures… I have uploaded the first rar that I downloaded, and not my modified one, lol.
Here’s the new one, I’m sure that it doesn’t contain that keygen thing:


Also, all the new textures have an spanish name… I hope you don’t mind.
If it includes some weird things again… let me know, please.

Alright I’ll give that one a try thanks Vert092.

@ Manga Link: I agree it does look like a Twilight Princess one. Very well done too.

Now if only we find a way to get the models. I know its possible to get them with emulators and stuff. But I’ve never got anything beyond a gba emulator to run on my pc. I may just not know how to set it up or really tried very hard but I was hoping someone out there may already have them.

Ok, let us know about the progress!!
Also I heard that you can rip the models with SSBM emulated on the dolphin emulator and 3D Ripper DX. But I tried this before and it doesn’t work in my computer…

I may give Dolphin a try. Doubt I’ll be able to run it very well. I’ll probably get low FPS though.

2.39 GHZ processor and 768mb of ram.

NVIDIA Geoforce4 MX 440 with AGP8X graphics card. It isn’t openGL capable sadly. I really need to get some money to upgrade my pc. >.<

Edit: Apparently according to ngemu forums my pc isn’t capable to run Dolphin emulator or barely able to run it in some instances but especially so because of my graphics card. Its under their list of graphics cards that do not work. Guess I’m on my own waiting for someone to help me. Though trying myself was a nice thought.

Also not a single person even wants any Kingdom Hearts models? If not I’ll just remove it from the first post.

I would personaly LOVE to have KH models. Unfortunately I don’t have the model you’re looking for :frowning: Best of luck though

Well Teh Papercrafter I didn’t say you needed the model. “And really if there is a specific character someone wants I may have it and be able to get you it just because you asked nicely. But should I need to go digging through the dumped files for it I may not be so willing to go get it.”

Anyone specific you wanted?

Do you have a Dusk? Or maybe KH2 Leon or Sephiroth?

I got em all. Dusk is even rigged (by myself of course.) What format would you like them in?

.3ds or .obj please

Alright I’ll get them on megaupload in a few. Just gotta get them in a pack and upload them for you.

Cool, thanks

Alright well here you go. Sorry for making you wait I had a college class I had to head too. But I’m back.

Dusk was something I was working on porting and Leon, and Sephiroth were ported by someone else so if you there’s any quality loss don’t blame me. They were fine for the game we used them for so I didn’t care to rip the original models myself.


Hopefully these can help you. And maybe given enough time someone can help me.

Thank you very much. I can’t wait to papercraft these :smiley:

and again, best of luck getting Dr.Mario

Thanks. Good luck posing them.