Dr. Medic: Heavy Sues Medic


stoopid laptop is not credit to happiness

(keeps crashing)

so maybe one day i’ll be able to make something worth watching?

Not too bad actually.

But next time, choose a more fitting background music.

lol. okay.
I just tried to make my friends shut up about their stupid songs XD

It’s alright… I got some advice though.

  • Dr Hax should never be used away from Da Bo Schit. Unless too make fun of new video makers who use it.
  • Some lighting issues, but nothing serious.
  • You should try to deal more time to posing.
  • Mouth Movements with Face Posing will usually get you more creditably.
  • ‘Oh What You Say’ is somewhat an old meme… After Elliot Goes To School series over used it people said, “no more”
  • For lols… You should of made a building on flatgrass(scenebuild), and have it destructible.

Other then that… Very well done. The concept was pretty solid, and the point like… [sp] THANK YOU DOC-AHHHHH" [/sp]
Was pretty funny actually. Good attempt, but remember Djy1991 videos only appease to a very small audience now-a-days.

uhhhhhh… where is the video? no link, no imbed…