This is my first map that I would consider is worthy for a full Facepunch release, and is my 5th map that I have released so far (Hope I didn’t scare you too much when you read the ‘first map’ part.)

Anyway, this is an Egyptian style DR map, with a nice variety of traps, such as quick sand, mazes, sawblade and crushers. Bear in mind when you download this that this map is designed for Deathrun and no other game modes, so it may not work too well with your gamemode and you may encounter bugs.

As you can see from the title, this map was designed for the folks at BB, however you are more then welcome to put this on your Deathrun server :o) (Otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it).

Download link:

Now…enough chat, lets have a handful of pictures!
New Pics:



Older Pics:




BBs own server currently runs this (And the latest SVN version if applicable):


Criticism is more then welcome! :o)


Killermon - For making the map.

http://www.simonoc.com/pages/2010.htm - For the wicked Egyptian textures.

Teddi - For his time and effort in helping me test and his suggestions.

And the BB community for putting up with my maps :o)


Nice work !


Reminds me of The Curse MOD, pretty nice map.

The map is pretty blocky and the textures are stretched.

This ^

Which parts are blocky? bear in mind, Egyptian Architecture is made from blocks. Could you point out a few stretched textures? So I can check the out and tweak as needed and tweak and smooth any blockiness :o)

Some of the textures look blurry in the old pics because I suck at using DoF…

I do get what you mean by the blocky so I guess thats okay.

This is the stretching.


Ahhh, that’s not stretched, that’s because of how zoomed up to it I am. If you play it in game as opposed to the screenshots, they aren’t stretched…Besides, that’s only 1 texture :wink: But I will look at that one.