Greetings everybody!

I recently released deathrun map and I want to share it with you. I tried to make a deathrun map that would actually look decent and I think it kinda work out. It’s first version of this map that I decided to publish so there might be some errors. Aswell as that I am aware that there’s a lot of invisible walls but I decided to add those as otherwise the gameplay might’ve been a bit broken.

In total there is 16 buttons. I tried to make some original ones but its really hard to invent something above average. However I would say few of them are quite unusual.

Any support/suggestions/ideas are highly welcome.

Link to the workshop:

Some pictures:




As promised, open version is finished: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=404114138

I have made slight changes with lights, opened few areas. I also heavily reduced amount of invisible walls. Map can now be easily used in ttt, sandbox, hide and seek, murder.

The TTT version has 3 traitor buttons - remnants of deathrun version. Each one costs 1 credit. Map is also armed with standard TTT weapons. (they appear only when gamemode in gmod is set to ttt).


Guess you turned ‘Walking Street’ into ‘Running Street’ huh? I miss Pattaya now, over all I love the theme and atmosphere.