Since Deathrun has become such a hit I’ve decided to make one of my favorite games, Super Mario 64, fit in with the new craze. This map will be designed to reflect many of the zones in Super Mario 64. I’ve been mapping this for about two days and it’s been moving at a steady pace, I expect to finish it soon.

If anyone would like to contribute ideas for traps/areas please leave a constructive description of what you would like to see.

By the way, every trap is going to be triggered by hitting (jumping) a question block.

The first zone; features three traps: The first is a rainbow laser field, the second is a door that drops blocks onto you, the third is a fan that hurls you upwards. Also, the question blocks are red in this screenshot because they flicker.

The second zone; features three traps: Spinning platforms, horizontal crushing platforms, and a vertical drop platform.

Moar screenies plawks
And there is already a DR mario map, but this looks neat. Good luck.

I’ll be posting more media as I create more zones :slight_smile:

This actually looks incredibly awesome. Keep up the good work!

I don’t think that the dr goes too well as a map prefix. Made me think it was a Dr. Mario map.

When I saw this thread, music from Mario 64 started playing in my head o.o

Looks great so far!

Looking good.

You might want to replace the skybox though, and replace it with something brighter, sunnier, and more cartoonish. Bonus points if the skybox has clouds with eyes on them.

Ah, sorry for the absence, I was busy with finals. However, I’ve managed to finish another zone, picture in the OP.