Drag and Drop system?

Is there a drag and drop system like the one in SantosRP?
I have seen one on the forums but for some reason the thread is locked so their must be a problem with it.Does anyone know where I can find a similar system?

Thanks for your time :smiley:



Imma beginner to lua so I was looking for a simple script that would do it

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Thanks SannyS but how would I Use this…
I’m no lua god ;-;

Theb you really shouldnt consider at all trying it, ive been using for a gui related stuff and it were really painful to understand and get it working

[lua]local frame = vgui.Create(“DFrame”)
frame:DockPadding(30, 30, 30, 30)
frame:SetSize(500, 500)

local a = vgui.Create(“DPanel”, frame)

local b = vgui.Create(“DPanel”, frame)
b:Receiver(“MyDropping”, function(self, panels, dropped)
if (dropped) then
print(“You just dropped " … tostring(panels[1]) … " on me.”)

No But I mean actually dragging props and corpses like in SantosRP

What? Dragging and dropping corpses? Like…dropping a corpse into a menu or just dragging a corpse around?

ragdolls my dear friend.

Turn the player into a ragdoll on “death”

Also dragging props is a default feature. Press E on small, unfrozen props

But have you played santosRP where it shows drag on the screen and you can drag entities and stuff

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With the line showing to where you want to drag it

http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/constraint/Elastic ?

A hand swep that create a rope between player and the entity
I do watch santos a lot and I think that how their hand swep work

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