Drag Options and Dynamic Displacement


The ability to customize or toggle additional drag features such as lift of a wing, hull shape affecting max speed in water, and customize friction as a value rather than by texture material.


Support for scripted displacement on the map. E.g… scripted weather event triggering dynamic waves in a large body of water. Possibly the hull or moving object creating wake from behind.

I realize these are mostly air and nautical related asks but I feel that area was lacking in what could be done in gmod.

I’d like to see these as features because they seem interesting. Dynamic waves would surely be fun.

However, I also think these could and probably will be made into addons as we’ll have more control than ever over water and I assume physics.

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I would love to see dynamic displacements, would make procedural generation a whole lot easier.


I would be very excited if more capable baked in lift and drag, even if basic, were added. And dynamic displacement like you mentioned could open up some very neat possibilities on many fronts.

A problem in the original garry’smod (and source in general as far as I’ve seen), aircraft and boats, and really any fluid simulation (like say weather or interactions with water) are handled super jankly which is to say not really simulated at all but generally are faked approximations attempting to reach a vaguely similar behavior.

That method of having to do things really limits what’s possible and makes it extraordinary difficult to make a convincing effect. The way I’ve seen things like wind force, lift, and drag done in the past have definitely left many things to be desired.

Of course if I had an ounce of ability at C# I would love to work on some proof of concept implementations to this problem when the time comes but I frankly couldn’t make a “hello world” at this point without many more hours than I have free in a month.

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