Drag shit with "e"

Haven’t made anything for a long time so I thought I’d whip something up.
This is basically a recreation of the ability to lift stuff with “e” but with some more candy for you guys.

[li]Lift shit![/li][li]Drag shit![/li][li]Heavy objects slow you down![/li][li]But friends can aid you in dragging![/li][li]Hang under shit![/li][li]Climb shit!(takes some skill)[/li][li]Also works on ragdolls![/li][li]Also works on players![/li][li]You can now toggle a penumbra style lifting mode by pressing the reload button while holding an object.[/li][/ul]

Lots bugs fixed since first version!


Sort of like Oblivion/Fallout 3 dragging?


Looks pretty nice. Maybe add a feature to throw the item with something like shift + use.

Swing it and drop it

I thought this was gonna be a swep or something that allows you to fling feces at people.

Can you pick up that can? :buddy:

Facepunch, I am disappointed that it took four hours for someone to post that. Also, nice. I’ll be putting it on my server fo sho. /:v:/

Looks interesting so far, in-game proof video plawx?

Sounds cool, I’ll give it a try.



Could you make it so it could be binded to a different key? It’s getting annoying trying to rotate a prop and have to let go of it with the physgun because the rotate button is the same as the use button.

:smiley: Looks great!

Grabbing shit is fun!

This is pretty awesome shit.

Is it possible to make a little hand thing appear when you can drag a light object (like in penumbra)?

It would also be cool to include a small “Lever” SENT that allows you to weld the base to something, then drag it to activate/deactivate stuff. (By wire or numpad, but that would require a STOOL. Should start spawned in the OFF position.)

Wired lever in spacebuild model pack does that. You can even take the lever off the pack and use it as standalone.

Please bind it to a different key and how do i disable this or uninstall it.

Just remove it from the location you placed it in.

lua/autorun/server then delete the grab.lua one I believe.