Dragon Age 2 models- specifically Qunari, Hawke and Strout.

Hey this is a fast request

I’d love if someone could rip the models from dragon age 2 for the Qunari and any Hawke model, with the Grey Warden Strout


I’d love some stuff from DA2 too but better wait for the tools.

Throw in Isabela and Anders and you have my support

It’s currently possible to extract models from DA2, but not with armature data. That means rigging and skinning, which can be time consuming. But, it can be done. Over on the Xentax forums, Chrrox has written a MaxScript to import .msh files, and I ported his script to Blender. Also, on Dragon Age Nexus Tazpan has updated his tools to work with the DA2 file formats (which are changed from DA1), though I haven’t had any luck getting them to work, myself)

The thread telling how to extract and process the models is here: http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=6119

And a teaser image of the Desire Demon in Blender:


^ That’s all very nice and all, but why not wait for the tools so it’s much easier and can be done quicker?

Might not be possible
their chins are so huge that Source may not be able to handle all of the chin polygons

That makes the assumption that they are planning on releasing the tools, which BioWare has not committed to doing.