Dragon Age Dragons.

Hey. Just got Dragon Age game today, and I wanted to ask
could someone port a dragon from game?
I know there is some kind of dragon models and even NPC’s already, but they aren’t that detailed. They are everywhere in game.
And if you don’t care which one to port then Archdemon dragon would be better.
I Could port it myself, but I have only problem with ragdolls, I never made ragdolls of any type. So I kinda don’t understand how to make them.

Sorry for not posting full size.


I support this(as I previously also asked for them too,heh)

The Charizard that Flux ported is a good example of how to do the bones, or limit them. Also, flexes can be used for thingsa like the claws and mouth, that way some bones are spared

Yeah, if only someone could guide me once step by step how to make a ragdoll at least with 3 bones. I would try this.

Jesus those things are spikey.


lol hahahaha at you…
want dragons… need dragons… oh what the hell i support :slight_smile:

Maybe not the Archdemon, but some other dragon would be cool :slight_smile: Archdemon is too spiky for my likings :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes.
This would be nice.

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve said we need more dragons in gmod.

So yeah you get my vote.

I support this thread. I agree also with the above user.


Ask Lillwasa. (PM him DUH!) He will surely like to port some more stuff from it. He has recently ported the deer. And models from Mass Effect 2.