Dragon Age: Inquisition - Corpse

It’s a Corpse for posing. What else can you say.

• Burned and rotten Skin

  • Wet Skin Effect each
    • Procedural Bones for the Handwrists

Original Model by Bioware

Works for SFM and Garry’s Mod

Get Version 1,1


  • fixed AO issues in SFM
  • tweaked the Phongexponenttexture of the burned Skin variant and slightly reduced phong strength
  • added missing Detail Texture


Neat. This will come in handy.

Eck. I thought that the bodies in New Londo were freaky enough, but this is in another level of ECK.

Nice work though.

Looks really nice.

Might want to invest in a preview picture though that shows them in a brighter environment to better see the details though



Sweet, the Mask yet lives. Are these the same models as the undead? Or are the corpses a separate thing?

these are probably the same models. i think they just share the same mesh while the undead have additional armor parts. but you can do that stuff in gmod yourself.
i bet there’s a lot of ported medieval stuff out there, isn’t it?

Looks good. I feel the phongexponent is way too tight, though.

if you referring to the last pic, that’s the wet skin.
the phongexponent is controlled by the $phongexponenttexture only.
that’s the red channel for the rotten skin:

but please, spawn ingame and see for yourself.

Excelent Mask

Thanks for these!

The characters you port are always so handsome.



thats pretty hot mask

nice release

Hmm this should be cool to check out.