Dragon Age: Origins (couldn't find my old thread)

I requested this before but because my old thread seems vanished I’m requesting it again this time with more reference pictures of stuff.

Ogre -->


Demon Pride -->

High Dragon -->


Dragonling -->

Also would like the characters you can play but I don’t have screens of them atm (might take some tomorrow since I got the game myself too) This game is also for PC :slight_smile:

So if anyone wants to take on the job to rip stuff from Dragon Age: Origins, I have the time and I would appreciate it.

Did anyone actually try to rip any Dragon Age: Origins models or is nobody willing to have a go at ripping models from this game?

Well, there’s this

I personally want to see the Blood Dragon Armor.

I believe someone tried to rig a ripped model of one of the dragons, but the rig count got too high before a decent ragdoll could be made.

Can’t it be made with less rigs or will that make it look shit?

Sorry for bumping but, can anyone give an example / beta of the Dragon Age: Origins dragon with less rigs? Or tell me why it wouldn’t be decent enough? I don’t mind a stiffer ragdol aslong as his legs body and head are good and then maybe make neck and tail a bit stiffer.

Why is there nobody willing to even show me what would happen if you use less rigs? Is there really nobody willing to give these models another try? I really want to have more dragons in GMod.

If you don’t want to reply in this thread just PM me, any beta versions of these models are welcome too, GMod need more dragons!