Dragon Age: Origins Models

(Sorry if it is reposted, it seems I have posted the original in the wrong place)

I have been searching Garrysmod and Facepunch, but I cannot find any models from DA:O. (Except the Halla) Can anyone make some DA:O models or atleast The Blood Dragon Armor or other Armor Sets?

Blood Dragon Armor Set


Darkspawn Models

And Of Course The Main Characters


If any of you can make these models, I will be VERY grateful!

Make? MAKE?

I assume you meant porting and not making since making these models would be a hell of a job, job only worth of doing if paid (like the original modelers).

Besides, if these guys didn’t get their word through to porters owning the game (S-low sure as hell doesn’t read this section), I think it’s pretty obvious that requesting for DAO models in this section is a long shot especially if you’re actually requesting people to model this stuff.


Heh, sorry, this is only my 2nd time requesting and used the wrong choice of words. Since this is a bad place to request these models being ported, where is the best place?

Ask directly from lillwasa, he’s the only one I know who has ported stuff from DAO.


Thanks Exorade :stuck_out_tongue:

lillwasa doesn’t read his PM’s anymore he said in some thread about star wars models. Most PM’s he gets are about make me this make me that instead of asking they almost demand it. So PM’ing him would be a bit useless I think.

Ok, then don’t ask him and instead suck a thumb.

That would be a good thing to have DAO models, maybe someone would someday

Well, since lilwasa won’t read his PMs anymore, then I probably will sit in a corner and suck my thumb and cry.