Dragon Age: Origins - Werewolf




Alt download:

Report any bugs please, and enjoy!



Looks great. Good work.

Looks cool.

I had to edit my post. I swear to fucking god I posted “yummy” then I scrolled up and saw bubba posted the exact same thing. I thought it was some sort of subconscious word that slipped into my mind when I scrolled down the page, but then I realized I didn’t scroll down. How the fuck.

Been waiting for this

Yey it is released and it looks great, ty for these awesome wolves :smiley:

Kick-ass, as usual! :smiley:

Good stuff. :buddy:

I Love These!

Oh dear it appears i need new pants.

Great models
Can you rip every model in dragon age? Its not a request ,i`d just like that big troll like thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Less ragdolls more playermodels.

What we need next is Darkspawn. You know, like the Hurlock, Genlock, Shreik, Ogre, Etc.

Awesome! And nice pictures :smiley:

But… is it just me or the back of the Werewolf’s neck looks like a hedgehog? :C

The ogre! That`s what im talking about. That would be awesomeness

Second link is not working. Error 404.

No shit, Sherlock.

Check the date.

henry and red batman, how are you guys.

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