Dragon Age ragdolls

Nothing big plz!!

Just looking for Elves, weapons, darkspawn, suits of armor (ragdoll)

for armor just put a elf model inside of it

and pretty much anything else if youd like to make a pack? only thing ive seen is a deer from DA on .org

Holy shit, you’re the first person EVER to request stuff from Dragon Age.

love that game thats why

This is also something like the fourth thread created during the last six days. Guess if the other three got their requested props.

And you’re requesting fucking ragdolls, it seems you’re also one of the people who thinks that porting is something like copy-paste (Dan Dan daa, it’s not.), but I assume porting from DAO is even harder than porting from lets say, GTA IV, because the only model anyone (lillwasa) has ever ported from DAO is that deer.

I would like to see this since I love DOA, perhaps Lillwasa could help since he ported the Halla model.
And Exorade, I’m not sure if it’s the same though it’s made by the same company and both are very similar but it’s porting process is probably the same as Mass Effect 1 or 2.
Ask lillwasa and see if he would do this.

Well the old excuse for that was that the models couldn’t be ported due to bone limitations, but now its possible, as the limit is now 32 bones.