Dragon Ball Radar Project

Used this as reference and made a dragon ball radar model:


GOAL: To have a usable radar that can be equipped and viewed just as you would a weapon, similar to STALKER:

Half Life 2 Episode 2 already has such a system:

So basically, I need someone good with code to implement that car radar into this handheld radar and we can have our own radar. It’s not limited to dragon balls- you can add whatever objects you want to be detected by the radar.

I can port the model with a w_model and v_model (like I said I would, if you want, though not sure about having it with a gun) but i’d have no idea how to code all that.

The gun is not really necessary, but without the radar working like the car radar there wouldn’t really be a point.

So we can hold radar and a one-handed swep at same time?

Make it as a Enemy localizator

This is a crazy awesome idea.

Holy fuck that is good looking. Stop being so good at modeling.

GordoFremen, I must ask. Where oh where are your sources and resource on how to learn to model so damn well? I want to know everything!

I’ve got to say, I looked at the start of the thread and was expecting to see some fat, blocky model with no textures, or else simply a badly-placed request.

I scrolled down, saw the render of your model, and literally half-jumped out of my skin I was so unprepared for it.

Sounds awesome man. And if you have any other Dragonball plans, look me up, I might just help you.

Not completely satisfied yet so I may refine it later:


Oh god, my brain just came.

I said it in the request thread, and I’ll say it again here.

You’re a god at this, Gordo, you truly are.

Awesome models !

Also, mind releasing them just as props first ?

The only question is now, when will these things be released?


I think I asked this in the other thread but wasn’t replied to ),:
My guess is it’ll take a little time to rig everything to gmod properly, but not too much time.
I could be wrong though.

What’s the scanner say about his power level GordoFremen?

I came buckets when I saw the scouter.

Those are really sexy

Over, 200.

The radar is amazing

The scanner, not so. Why’s it so unreasonably weathered?

It’s supposed to be battle-damaged but now that I think about it, getting hit with a DBZ attack wouldn’t scratch the scouter- the scouter would explode. I should clean it up.