Dragon Ball Z Models from ZEQ2

Hey i was just wondering if anyone has attempted ripping/porting models from ZEQ2 (if you can that is) I love DBZ and would love to have some more models in GMOD. Here are a few links to the site and moddb which has other models made for that game.


Since i have no knowledge in ripping or porting or rigging don’t call me stupid as i have no idea if this is possible or not

Bump, is anyone able to do this?

Well if these don’t work I have links to other dbz models they could port.

Oooh, what models? If i had an idea on how to rip/port these guys i’d give it a try

what do you want to know about rigging?
mariokart made a ragdolling guide long time ago.
it’s a bit outdated but you will learn 90% on how to rig.
just search for his ragdolling guide and you’re good to go.

Can you link me to the guide?

I made this thread mainly to see if it were possible to rip these models, if anyone has knowledge in that or knows if it is possible then they can leave a link to a tutorial or just tell me how to do it here and i can try making them myself.

here’s the guide
I think the pics on your links are models ripped from other games then ported for a quake mod game,.
so you’ll just have to download the models, open/convert them,. then rig them for Gmod,.
there’s also a bunch of DBZ models here

The models resource has had those models for a while, actually.