Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Characters

I know, i know, there are haters & lovers on FP, but i want this requests, it´s from the new DBZ game, sure it´s sucks, but the models are MOG!, so if some1 can port to Gmod and make it usable for it, it´s would be the best.
So, you ´re thinkinking:

WHY?: It´s simple, new decent models from this fabolous series of battle that every person that liked/like Shonen animes, growth up with

WHAT´S THE PURPOSE FOR THEM?: It can be maked on battle poses, and also, like the char faces are from Anime, their expressions are the best for show how they fell in a situation. Example: Gohan get´s kicked in his chest, and his face will look in pain.

Here it´s a Gameplay:

A classic, Goku vs Vegeta

I would post images pics but i don´t know how to put them here lol, so i will post some links:


That´s what i can say as far, thanks beforehand

We don’t even have any RB2 characters in gmod yet and your asking for this?

It is ironic that we recentally just got the models, and now you request this, though. The Raging Blast 2 ones still need to be set up still, but they’re approching being complete.

So, if Ultimate Tenkaichi does work on the same engine as RB2 as suspected, perhaps they won’t be as hard to get now that RB2 ones are rippable. So good luck if someone does want to work on them. There are a few in UT that weren’t in RB2, would be nice to have a good SS4 Gogeta or Omega Shenron.

I was just asking, if it can´t be maked for now, i can wait, no problem

I was about to make a thread about this.

Don’t kill me for saying so, but I actually liked Ultimate Tenkaichi quite a bit. It’s got so much potential; tweak it here, add a bunch of characters, spruce up the character creation, add some more races and stuff, and it could be a real winner. I love the intensity of the Super Attacks, and I love the system that goes with them. The countering and Ki charging, it’s just really nice, it brings the Super Attacks up to par with the level they’re shown to have in the show. The gameplay can get a little monotonous, but overall it’s pretty good. I’m actually drafting up a huge review/fix log for the game at the moment. Basically I’m just going to go over what needs to be fixed, what should be kept, additions to customization and some other stuff.

But anyway, yeah, it’s Dragonball Z so obviously I support this. Of course, we did just get the Raging Blast 2 models in the other thread so like everyone’s been saying, we should probably wait for those to be done first.

That would be cool to have but so far we have no info about those models but i support this for sure.
But i think it’s too ealier to ask them cause as SZK said, we just got RB2 models (and the plugin is still Beta to extract those models).I took a look on Xentax but there’s no news on DBZUT models so we’ll have to wait and see what mr adults or chrrox bring to all of us, on noesis and bms scripts updates.
When i got some news i let you guys know.