Dragon Balls Z Ragin Blast - Porting Request. Already got them in .obj files

I just wondering if someone could help me to export them into source engine. this have better quality than the actual models there are in garrysmod.org

tell me which character you think it has to be ported. and ill upload them in MF.

I think I could help, ae they rigged?. Pm me a dl link

those .obj ones most likeley aren’t. you use blender? you want any help from me, i’m to busy to do it for you, but i could teach you how to rig them

Nah, I know how to rig with Fragmotion. I think I can rig the models. He could send me Goku first
, I got a boneset for Goku already

You know, there’s a noesis plugin to get those models rigged. I don’t know why people stick themselves with obj format.

http://www.mediafire.com/?fcjhdisnpuvgaud goku in .obj file with his textures.

super saiyan Goku buu saga battle damaged

Alright, I already deleted my files.

Sadly I can’t rig models into garry’s mod,I forgot since I haven’t done it since…

oh i thought it was the normal goku.