Dragon City


Scenebuild on gm_black. Full Size

Nice job on this.

Say, where did you get all these props at? (The buildings, cars, signs, etc.) NeoTokyo?

NeoTokyo and TDM cars, as well as the usual CSS/Portal2/HL2.

Dang it, I half expected there to be Dragons in here; great work though!

Yeah, the lack of dragons is bumming me out, but I’ve been playing Shadowrun. Still, looks nice. It’s rare to have something actually look like a city in Gmod, so that’s an accomplishment by itself.

Pieced together well man, this is beautiful

Really cool piece!

It’s really cool, but the guy in the back of the taxi is really creeping me out.
His eyes are really bright.

nice scenebuild. the school bus kind of looks out of place though.

reminds me of minato mirai in yokohama, since the skyscraper at the end of the street resembles the landmark tower.