Dragon Deagle perfected

The Dragon Deagle for Garry’s mod.

The Remastered Deagle has great aim.
With model from the original owner.
Now is Beta. Sorry for this.

I can Make more Weapons , so write in comments what weapon you want, and I will try to do

And guys, please Follow me : http://steamcommunity.com/id/stephen99111



Download https://garrysmods.org/download/21915/dragon-deagle-perfected
Credit-- Rocko (FRIEND OF BERNIE)-Model

Could you please make a admin gun? I would need it for ‘administrating’ my server

Ive seen quite a few of these addons on workshop and toybox (Rip), What makes this one different?
How is it “Perfected”?

How is it perfected if the ironsights are ass?

I came here to cringe at scalies
then I realized that it was Dragon Deagle
I still cringed

do you even into guns

Looks good, nice work m8! :3

I misread the title as “Dragon Dildo”, either way, eh, it’s a Deagle with a reskin.

Just a tip, make it so the sight planes align proper. Without this proper, you might as well just skip ironsights since it won’t be accurate where you aim.