Dragon from Dragon Age:Origins



Can someone rip and port this dragon from DA:O? I got the game on 360, so I obviously can’t rip it myself. Its the most highly detailed(and accessible) dragon model on PC so far, its ok if its only red or purple, I can reskin it later in a rainbow of colors(and black,brown,white,ect)

I support this

I motherfucken support this…
…and then some.

Oh yay! Another dragon to play with some day!

I’ve already tried porting dragons from DA:O and it’s impossible to get a good ragdoll without going over the gmod physics limit. (24)

Have you tried to port anything else?

Yes, I have already released a deer from it.

Looks good. How do you rip the models?

3D ripper DX.

Thanks. I might try ripping a few models later.

How about the Drakes(wingless male dragons)?