Dragon Hunter


This is just awesome.

Looks like you painted over the whole thing…


I believe it’s time to retire to the underground once more.

Holy shit what the fuck it’s beautiful.

Fuck, them’s some pretty colours you got there son.

Random green and red/pink light from nowhere!

Who gives a shit, it looks good here

Funky and awesome colors.

No, I can’t draw) It’s plugin for some kind of noise reduction.


Let down.

But it’s not free. “Surface Blur” from standard plugins doing this job the same way.

Nice. I’d have been a bit easier with the filter on the background though. Looks like Topaz Vivacity filters for photoshop. Is that it, or are you using something else?


No one else is discontent with the knight’s right arm?

The awesomeness of the overall picture makes it irrelevant.

I disagree. As good looking as the picture may be, the positioning of the arm is still really bad. What the hell are you on about?

But what’s wrong with it? I really can’t see anything bad, except hand maybe.

Especially the hand. Plus all the colours disinterest me… but that is my own preference, not your fault.