Dragon Quest Heroes (PS3/PS4)

I used to hang out in the Hyrule Warriors thread ( http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1437498 ) and was pleased with all the effort everyone put in. Had to reformat my computer and junk so I’ve been gone for a while. I didn’t post much anyway so who cares… anyway!!

I recently discovered a new game that seems cool. “Dragon Quest Heroes” on the PS3 or PS4. I did some research and the game is made by Omega Force and seems to use a similar model file format to Dynasty Warrior games.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to tackle extracting models from this game? I’ve done all the research I could on my own. I found these two websites that talk about the models, but none have fully figured it out yet:

Is there a general purpose “Dynasty Warriors” model extractor program or something? I loved the models we got of Link and Shia from Hyrule Warriors and being able to snag classic Dragon Quest character models is just darn exciting!

Thank you for your time.

The tool mentioned in that xnalara thread works with the game as far as extraction goes.

It’s not a very efficient extractor as far as organizing the files though. It extracts over a thousand (maybe 2 thousand) folders, labeled 001-insert large number and you have to search through them to find the models you want. But it does, as far as I can tell, put the textures and the smc/obj files in the same folders.

I actually finished putting the game on my PC last night and spent the morning extracting the game (it took about 30-45 minutes on an HDD) but I had to work today so I won’t be able to actually verify that everything works until I get home in another couple hours.

ssringo, thank you for the expert advice. Whenever you get home in a couple of hours if you could report back your findings here that would be awesome :slight_smile: I hope it works!

Eh, I wouldn’t call it “expert” advice as I know very little about modeling and nothing about gmod porting (so someone else would still need to do the work for getting models into gmod).

In any event, the program extracts stuff just fine. Using the .smc importer that comes with the program works for the most part (as far as I can tell). I’ve loaded both a model and skeleton into blender. Assign textures, parent mesh to armature and then it won’t export. Gives me an error and since I know little about modeling, I dunno what it means.

I post on the xnalara forums so I’ll be asking over there what’s up.

Edit: I asked and got a swift response. The errors that I got were simply due to my lack of knowledge and were easily fixable (I learned how to fix them in the span of about 10 minutes). Someone that actually knows what they’re doing should have no problem getting everything to work properly.

Edit2: Many models have the same issue as Hyrule Warriors with pieces of the hair/outfit getting smushed to the base of the model. Also, not all the models export into .smc properly.

I see. Thanks ssringo. I sent you a private message, if you have the time please check it out. Thank you again! Maybe if we can upload some of the 3D geometry here we can get some of the artists from the “Hyrule Warriors” thread to get on it? They managed to get Lana, Shia, and Link rigged so anything is possible. I’d even give it my best shot.