Dragon Slayer


I finally got around to compiling this for Source, and made a nice little scene for it in Hammer to showcase it.


Nothing special here; a relatively simple prop that I made as a replica of a sword used by a character named Guts from the manga Berserk (the only manga I can actually commit to reading). Just an absurdly large slab of iron (as described by Guts himself) that tears and bludgeons rather than cut and slice.

I made sure to give it phong and envmapping, but it is very faint to keep it from looking shit ugly. I also made sure no phong or envmapping appeared where it shouldn’t (IE: the handle). Lastly, the textures are nice and high res, so this is a great prop for awesome poses.

Since I don’t know how to ragdoll, I was forced to position the chain link in a “rested” position so it didn’t look too weird, and removed the handle wrap ribbons since they would look retarded without ragdolling. If anyone wants to help me out regarding the ragdolling, please let me know and we can finalize this little project.

Anyway, here’s the download:



DO NOT reupload this on Garrysmod.org. It’s already on there.

**DO NOT reupload this on Garrysmod.org. It’s already on there.

**DO NOT reupload this on Garrysmod.org. It’s already on there.

The model isn’t a sword stuck in a stone in case you were worried. I just did that in the map so it looked all mysterious and fantasy-like and shit.

Feel free to reskin it as much as you want, but if you reupload it, PLEASE credit me for the model, or I’ll throatfuck you like a horny face hugger on speed. You may upload reskins wherever you want, it makes no difference to me.

Ah you finally finished it ^^ Looks good.

I could probberly try ragdolling it, but I can’t do jigglebones unfortunately (due to SDK problems).

Jigglebones aren’t necessary. In fact I doubt they would work well with it anyway. If you want to try and ragdoll it, feel free to.

The Sword handle looks a bit too big, but god, that made my day.

Heh now we need a Guts character to match up to this badass sword.

I can always shorten it at the last minute if need be. I’ll have to edit the physmodel as well but it’s not too much of a big deal. I’ll try and find some more references from the manga to see if I can get the handle length accurate. Silver Spirit here is gonna help me by ragdolling the ribbons and chainlink first though, so that takes priority. I take it you’re a Berserk fan though. I rarely run in to anyone who is, but I figured I was bound to if I released this.


There *is *a video game on the Dreamcast but the model is really low poly. Hell, it probably has close to the same polycount as this sword alone, which is bad. If I were skilled enough I would definitely take it upon myself to recreate him in Max. If only I had the skills…

Anyway, glad you like it. Still trying to think of what to make next. Maybe I’ll finish up that little mushroom model pack idea I had.


Uploaded to Garrysmod.org.

What would there be to ragdoll?

On the hilt there is a single chain link, and there are two ribbons of cloth connected to the handle at the bottom where it meets the pommel strike (but they are currently removed until they are ragdolled).

I remember that game. I remember it being pretty fun too, but that might just be the nostalgia talking.

Yeah, Berserk is one of the best Mangas I ever read.
It would be awesome if you make the Behelit Sword after you finish the dragon slayer.

I saw WIP pics of this so I feel special.

I’m not nearly skilled enough to make something as complicated as that thing.

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I thought you were talking about The Dragon Slayer as in The Dragon Slayer as in you know…a guy who wakes up 6 o’clock in the morning,cleans him self up,makes The breakfast,suits up 'n get killi’n them dam dragons.
Also he picks up his lil dragon slayer after work from “The Dragon Slaying School of The Magical Dragon Slayer” school.

Anyways…nice job on a butter knife.

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