Dragon Slayer

No fingerposing >.<

Or faceposing >.<

The lighting and posing is great. The fire seems a little too brush-like to me though.

That’s really awesome :smiley:

So brush like would mean… it looks like he used fire brushes instead of some to hard-to-do-correctly-fancy-photoshop-tricks?

I’r knight! I’r savin ladies!
graet editing.

I like it.
Very well posed and a good fire effect with believeable ligthing.
It’s just so bad, that the finger are not posed and the lady / princess has no expression.

Oh well, you can’t have it all. :wink:

I blame the model makers, and the lack of skills in photoshop.

Should have done a head-swap.

Great work, sir!

Good job.

I wish somebody would make the Sungal model face/fingerposable.


Pretty epic except the girl is just standing there like “lolwut?”

It’s Megan Fox.

Pretty cool, I like how the fire looks. I wish those models were fingerposeable.

That girl model is awesome! Where can i get it?? :3

Nice job on the picture but i guess that the fire is a bit too harshly cropped.

Invisighosts model pack I think.

Here’s what I thought when I saw it:
“Dude, you are so fucked”

I like it.

Uh thanks but do you know where can i get this pack? It doesn’t seem to be on FP or GMod.org either.


Thanks a lot grog.

AKA Mariokart’s entire filefront page :3

I love it, the posing on it is spot on awesome. Dragon fire looks cool :slight_smile: