Dragon vs Terrorists

Went a little less on the realism. Comes with car crushing action! :3:




Yeah I don’t think they’re going to win.

Paokai! Run! Find shelter now!

It’s awesome.

This is…new.
Nice :3

I like it, but I don’t get why the Paokai would be chasing only terrorists. At least that’s what I gather from the whole thing.

I bet it’s somewhere close by, but where did you get those models?

Maybe they have drugs. :v: I don’t know.

I got the model from an SNPC someone made awhile ago.

You just gave me inspiration

Holy jesus, that looks fantastic

Dragon must win. Terrorists must be torched.

Even the non edited version looks pretty nice.


Thanks for the comments. :smile:


Dragons VS Terrorists sounds like an awesome name for a movie

Wow this looks fucking radical!

This sense of scale is really nice. Good job.

Oh shit that’s epic!

the rain looks lousy. the smoke leaves alot to be desired.

Man this picture is so cool.
The editing is so fucking great.

Lol this picture reminds me of the godzilla movie.

Awesome! The terrorists are fuck’d.

that’s a big fkn model