Dragonball Z Beerus ragdoll

hello there! is someone nice enough to create a ragdoll for me beerus from dragonball Xenoverse i already got a model from the game i dont know how to transfer this into a model tho
https://www.dropbox.com/s/gl9btav72vtkg6h/beerus.rar?dl=0] i would fucking worship you if you made this work

Your dropbox gives 404.

thats random. i fixed it

Your UV Map is completely broken and seems it was rendered from a Top View Window

Looks fine to me. It’s definitely going to need a lightwarp texture to get the lighting on it to look good though. Sorry I don’t have the knowledge to rig it. Hopefully someone here can.

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Looks like i got the textures on his necklace thing wrong. My bad.

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Also you’re missing the model for the inside of his mouth.

You can rip the model with its original bones and rig using that max script in the other thread if that helps.

i dont have maxscript tho


As much as i want them, i guess no one cares about DBXV characters in Gmod, not to sound so dramatic or anything though…

unghh guess il have to do this on my own without having any idea what im doing :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just saying though, someone will eventually port the characters to Gmod and SFM at some point, we just have to wait and see.