Dragonball Z models.

Yes another DBZ request. Except this one isn’t picky when it comes to the graphic quality of the models.

They come mainly from this Half-Life 1 mod. http://esforces.com/addons.html

Since there’s a lot of characters I’d pick only a few ones for now. Mainly ones that haven’t had a model yet in gmod.


There’s a bunch of other ones but I’d rather not list them all.

Well, if what you want is a porting from Goldsource to Source, try requesting here:

I think I already did that and someone else did as well.

I want DBZ Models.

Since that Raging Blast 2 thread failed again I’m bumping this in hope of finding someone who could help.

Im not helping numero uno.
But i do support.
I really hated that raging blast 2 thread.

Anyway how bout’ we give some ESF models bones for psychics or something?

They are high quality and i have big pack,Vegito is goddamn awesome,But lets not change the subject.



yes please

I have the models of raging blast with textures, and in .obj format. but i dont know how to export them into source engine. if someone want to talk about it, add my steamaccout sashadotterkletch. just, say what models you want, because i have to rip them from the game, and its a bit hard just to get one. lets say, i can get 14 models. and then someone to export it to source engine. who’s up?

please don´t bump old threads
but while i´m writing, I think there are some pretty good tutorials laying around on YouTube, or you could ask someone who´s already very good at it.

Hey, there’s a couple of Dragon ball Z Budokai 1 models on Models Resource.

I think people prefer better quality models. and Huey. yeah im a bit dumb, just was searching if someone needed help wiht dbz models since in gmod.org there isnt good ones. thought i would make something good for the comunity and forgot to see the date of the topic.

Because hey, we have to rely on the models resource.

They are good models, overlooked 'em in blender. Except, the fact, that.well… the quality

. I think of also adding some phong shaders might help