DragonBallZ Swep

I’ve always wanted a weapon that could shoot a lot of beams and cause a lot of destruction. So I was hoping someone whose good at making weapons could make something that could do this: :ssj:

When you use the weapon your health generates up to 300 and you take 1/4th dmg of everything from bullets to fire. When you use the weapon you have 200 energy each attack uses energy. You regenerate 25 energy per 10 seconds

Primary Fire/MOUSE 1- Shoots Ki blast (Explode on impact, leaves a fire effect on prop/npc, does 25 dmg, If impact it does dmg and fire effect if not and it hits from radius just fire effect and a knockback, uses 10 energy.) 1 second delay

Secondary Fire/MOUSE 2- Shoots a Kamehameha attack (Exploding effect only and if target is still alive they are set on fire like ki blast but bigger radius(Make Controlable fire if possible) Does 100 Dmg Uses 50 Power, huge knockback. 3 second delay

MOUSE 3- Battlefield destruction, makes a giant wave of destruction shoot around you(Strong fire dmg hits everyone withing a huge huge huge radius, makes you stand still for 3 seconds, there set on fire till death, but it does 50 dmg to everything before they go on fire, uses 200 energy) 1 second delay

W + MOUSE 1 - Instant Transmission ( Teleports to the spot your pointing at, uses 10 energy.) 1 second delay

MOUSE 1 + MOUSE 2 - Charging energy (You stand still for 10 seconds and recharge 100 energy)

CTRL + MOUSE 1- PUNCH ( uses 1 energy)

CTRL + W - RUN FAST ( USES 1 energy per 3 seconds, go really really fast)

This would probably be impossible, dumb, a waste of time, or hard to do. So if no one likes it please don’t post anything negative :Dawkins102: But if it is possible and its a good idea then thank you.

'Tis a very good idea. In fact, I requested something like this about a week ago. Sure hope this gets made.