Dragonborn Resting

He’s been through a lot and he just wants some peace for once.


I love Skyrim. <3

man you guys are awesome.

Isn’t this a gmod screenshot section only?

The picture is pretty though.

I need this model so I can make love to it.

Great picture, though it kinda looks like he held the goblet a bit too tightly. :v:

I stared in awe for a little while.

Didn’t you recognize the always so blocky Source engine ground displacements outside the window to the right? :v:

But yeah, looks cool.

I have no idea why…
But the hands remind me of the Turok models in Gmod.

Holy shit. I love the Skyrim Argonians!

Now I want it, so I can pose it, and love it, and feed it.


argonians best race

Pretty pretty.

What a badass, we need more fantasy medieval stuff in gmod. I would love to make a fantasy epic comic series

This is a very nicely set-up shot, and it would benefit inestimably from some added shadows.

And pet it, and call it George.

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I agree completely.
Though I think you need to find and download the Dark Messiah Content first.

No Nord love at all in this thread.

damn im jealus of these ripping powers

<3 argonians. Thanks for the comments. :smile: