Dragonmonkey's Empire!

Just started my own Roleplay server, Dragonmonkey’s Roleplay City, at It has all the expected, wiremod, phx, etc…all working, all set up.

If you feel like a bit of roleplay feel free to stop by, the main aim behind the server is give groups of friends a place to roleplay however they want with their friends, with freedom to use all available tools.

The map is currently DowntownV2, but may be changed at some point and mode is Darkrp (again, may be changed…)

Just advertising as I want people to actually play it after I’ve spent hours setting it up :stuck_out_tongue: There will be special positions available for dedicated members, i.e. VIP, Lesser Admin, Admin…

There is also a Build server, Dragonmonkey’s Build Heaven, that is not up 24/7 but will be up if there is demand, on request. The IP for build is same but port :27038

I don’t mean to beg :stuck_out_tongue: But give it a try, it needs players to work, and you might just love it!


Try using Cakescript or Lemonadescript instead of DarkRp, oh and don’t use Downtown.

For super simple RP try Catdaemon’s Ultra-Light RP. By the way, downtown sucks, and you’ll gain no respect for running it.

Thanks for the tips. Yeah wasn’t expecting any respect for running it, just have only had experience on it, so I thought I’d start in familiar territory.

I want to see a server running a map like OMGCity for once, you won’t get as many random players, but you might get a good few from here. I loved that map :buddy:

if its a server for friends to Rp, i would reccomend the buddyfinder swep