Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen models.

I imagine no one has made any Dragons Dogma models for several reasons. Its a console only game, its not the most graphically incredible game, a lot of people probably didn’t play it and probably just straight up didn’t care enough to get the models and make them…work. Or it could be straight up getting the models is impossible. Or whatever. Point is, models. I don’t know about you guys, but I like monsters. Cyclopes (Gorecyclopes best cyclopes), chimeras, griffins, hell chickens, hydras and obviously, motherfucking DRAGONS. Say what you want about the game, those dragons were badass. Especially Grigori. Grigori is my shit.

Look at that. If you could look me in the eye and say “thats not badass” then we can’t be friends. And surely I can’t be the only one that wants monster models like these? I surely can’t be alone in wanting to make cool pictures of people stabbing a Griffin to death. Anyway, point is, I will sacrifice a unicorn in the name of whoever decides “yeah i like Dragons Dogma, i think I might make those models.”
Take up arms, newly Arisen.

Just because it’s console exclusive, that doesn’t mean it’s not popular. I know a few people who love this game, and I’ve sunk more hours into this game than Skyrim and Dark Souls 1 combined. Point is that the tools for extracting the game are either broken, or they work but Xentax members have them so no one outside of Xentax has them. Xentax has fees for members to pay in order to stay in unlike most forums. As such people just don’t bother. Someone did manage to rip Grigori, but I don’t remember the Da user who did it.

Here is a link to the tool though. Like Shadow of Mordor, it’s probably still in beta and may have some issues. I’m looking forward to using DD’s models too, but the state it’s in makes it a hassle.

I’d actually like to see some Dragon’s Dogma content, myself. Hell, if we’re able to get any of the resources from the game, I wouldn’t mind assisting with porting some of the models.

I’m sure its still popular despite being a console only game, but, a lot of people I assumed probably won’t be assed to get stuff out of a console game. To be honest, I have no idea how hard that is. So I don’t if its at the point of difficulty where people won’t be assed.
But if the Grigori model is on deviantart, assuming thats what you meant by Da, its not going to be fun for anyone trying to find it.

I too would love to see some models from this game, especially the Dragons but unfortunately creatures/monsters/beast’s don’t get ported to gmod very often. They are a lot harder to port than the humanoid models and there’s only a hand full of modelers that’ll do them.
Sad but true…

We still haven’t even seen any beasts from Evolve ported yet, but there could be other technical reason’s for that.

The mask managed to get his hands on the models somehow. I’d ask him.