DragonsurvivalRp - idea

well i was playing sandbox and i was using that dragon npc. Look very cool so i was thinking about what about sandbox? and dragon woudn’t that equal to someting like a DragonsurvivalRp
player’s build a fort to survive the dragon attack, they have say 10 minutes to build. After those minutes 5 dragons will spawn. Each time 1 is killed a new one spawns. They must survive 20 minutes while there prop’s are getting attack by the dragons!

So basically its just flood but dragons spawn to dystroy there fort and you gotta survive
just a little idea :stuck_out_tongue:

It sounds like you would be better off getting contraption health addon and just manually spawning the dragon. As much as you would like to see a gamemode made from this, most people are going to jump you for your spelling.

Boxes in-coming, old chap.

sorry my enlgish is bad :stuck_out_tongue:

how is that even close to RP?

mhmhmhmhmhmh your right i think i should change the title to someting like Dragonsurvival :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude…that is like so plain, just do that game yourself you dont even need the extra effort to make a gamemode, get a timer, the npcs, and breakable props, and you’re done.

well its just an idea

This is Garry’s Mod we’re talking about here, “RP” makes EVERYTHING popular.

Well it sorta has a connection with RP , because well. You build forts. Dragons come to destroy them. More like medieval times to me

RP isn’t medieval only, also i don’t see the point of calling it RP while there are no classes (are there ?) or any person that you may act

Ok if i decide to make it ill change it to Dragon Surivival OR i could make classes…

And this, my friends, is why RP has failed us.

…You do realise that there where no dragons during the middle-ages, right? Closest thing to dragons are dinosaurs, and they could not breathe fire or kidnapp princesses just to keep them in a tower somewhere for no logical reason whatsoever.

And here is an idea: Why don’t you code it?

“I can’t code.” is not a valid response.

The name made me :gizz: No Seriously… Well actually not really :smug: the name is a bit retarded, but if you can code it make it for Fretta or something. No one wants to keep repeating the same thing for a whole day.

Ok ill try and make it for fretta or someting :stuck_out_tongue:


And remove that dick its gross -.-

There were dragons, i don’t know about the middle-ages. But they were around, a while ago.