Dragoshi's Pics compilation

All the pics I have done that are GOOD, not godawfulchokemewithaspoonanddie. Some repeated, but isn’t that what a compilation is? Not sure, need a dictionary. But yep. Hate/Rate/Love. I like art pallets and funnies for no reason.

And yep, same mistakes from before are still here, so saying the mistakes again doesn’t help much, especially with fire and my editing, still a n00b at it :slight_smile:

forgot to put jpeg_quality 100 lol

st00pid fir3


The Super Smash Bros. one looks like its a real screenshot of the game.

You have just about the same style as MrWhitefolks…

I’m not really into the anime type of stuff but good job.

I used mrwhitefolk’s tutorial,lol. Irony :slight_smile:

And wut anime? The yu-gi-oh card?

Oh yeah I think I remember you tried using his tut.

I consider stuff like Kirby and other things anime, don’t know why, they just feel like they are anime to me.

OH god!! Wegee & Pedobear AHHH!!!

but seriusly i like them :smile:

The only TRUE AMERICAN (BLARG) images here are the first two ones and the SAS one, but I like the one with the giant Luigi

The SAS aren’t americans.

Therefore, they are True non-american pictures.