Drama and love trouble Inuyasha 2

Konichiwa ^.^ It is my sequel to drama and love trouble inuysha 1. I put more work into this one and my boyfriend read it and say it was really good. I hope you all enjoy it to.

These threads are apart by only a few hours, why?

Why didn’t you take the time to even put the advice given to you to good use?

I have never felt so emotionally tied to any character before now.

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OMG My life is so comlete I love Inuyasha fancomics =3

this shits so kawaii

Like before in the last thread,posing not the best(although you did say you were new,and not saying this to be nice,but anime models really do have bad posing anyway)and actual forest map would be good.The storyline is really good,and I think the part where paint is used to make it look like she was attacked was actually pretty funny,mainly because of the eyes).I see great work in you.

It’s beautiful.



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Your boyfriend doesn’t want to offend you. I personally don’t care : this is shit and you should stop posting this comic on Facepunch.

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