Drama and love trouble Inuyasha 3

Konichiwa ^.^ I am back from vacation sorry for not post sooner since I did not have my lappy. I am now back and continue the great story and I have thought of good idea while gone and I hope you like. There are people who say me troll but if you will please dont and go. Here it is.

More is to come thx <3

I liked the rape

You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think this is a joke.

So i see you continued this…well prepare for all the flamers and trolls come in

This is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
A touching story, eagerly waiting for more.

This is serious not funny story why I get funnys?

Hahahahaha… No.

Because most people on facepunch take this as a joke,considering most people on facepunch hate furries,ponies,and anime

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come to think of it i see you took the phrase of someone being so anrgy that their on fire to a literal meaning…

fuckin’ beautiful

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Because in garry’s mod made art related communities people in general do not praise elementary school level writing, bad posing and horrible use of ragdolls and scenery.

It doesn’t matter wether it has furry, ponies or anime if it looks horrible.

Good point.After all the creator seemed to ignore some of the creative critism that many people posted.

What go on here!!!

I would verbally smack you but that would get me banned.

Just… please post this stuff on some other forum. The Facepunch community, especially the GMod Screenshots section, doesn’t like anime and manga stuff and there have been a lot of complaining about how all the anime/manga models look bad in GMod. Sure the characters might be cool in 2D cartoons and comics, but in 3D they just look horrible and you can’t really make anything of good quality with them.

You should follow the advice the community gives to you or you’ll be seen as an immature kid or as a troll.

This is bad. Very bad.

The posing, the writing just… bad.

Work on your posing, maybe look at yourself in the mirror and try to stand like the ragdolls. If you can’t do it, then don’t pose them like that. The writing I understand, you being an immigrant and having English as a second language. Maybe show it to a friend who spoke English from birth and see what they say.

But above all listen to Joazzz, people here do not want to see anime. Sorry, but that is the general consensus. There are plenty of places that I’m sure would love to see your story made well, but this is not the place.

who is crazy farmer and why is he dumbing instead of giving valid arguments

please for god’s sake fucking [h2]STOP MAKING THESE[/h2]

i will take your body

*Miroku never does this in the anime/manga, only this story.