Drama and love trouble Inuyasha 3


If you have a deviantart,I would gladly follow this.Also if you need help translating,Im your man(you could just use a translator,but those literally take the words into meaning,so it might end up being even stranger)

I agree with above.
What I don’t agree with is the whole “You shouldn’t post this here because we dun like it”.
It’s the screenshot section and people are allowed to post whatever the fuck it is that they consider artistic or whatever it is that they themselves like as long as it is by the rule book. This of course doesn’t mean that people have to like it or agree with it. But it’s not definitely anyone’s place to tell others what they’re allowed and not allowed to post.



I agree with Exorade, you CAN post it here, but really, just work on your posing and writing. The Writing, posing, map, and editing are really bad. For editing I advise you to look at the numerous free programs such as Photoscape, Gimp, or I recently discovered a fairly good one for comics; Comic Life. Map wise look around on garrysmod.org and find a map that suits this. Writing wise…Just find something more interesting. Dramatic anime “oh he/she dumped me” isn’t amusing to the masses. “I’m going to go stop the combine/generic enemy” is a bit more entertaining if it’s well done. Take mine, and everyone elses advice to heart and spend more time on your posing. Most of us aren’t going anywhere and to be honest: We don’t care how long it takes you to make something better, just please, for sanity’s sake, if you do make more, make it A LOT better.

There is absolutely no way you can make anime ragdolls look good without some serious Uberslug editing. And as long as something doesn’t look good, someone, somewhere, will not like it.

In this case someone could mean anything between 1 to 50 users.

And the “like it or shut up” attitude doesn’t help either.

You mean…

haha what did someone actually port inuyasha models

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Sure, but if someone posts it here it leads to flaming, but if they were to post it somewhere that truly appreciates this kind of…stuff they are more likely to receive real constructive criticism.

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Because. . .we feel like it, you think that since I made a actiony pose, I’d get artistic?, No, it depends on how good it is, how creative, and how its done, Now my suggestion to you is. . .

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