Drama and love trouble Inuyasha

Hi this is my first comic and I am doing this to help practice my english. I am from Tokyo, Japan and just move to america and discovered this game. I love anime and manga and think that by making anime comic I can really help make my english better. I hope you enjoy and please give tips how to make better I not very good yet. I will make more so look forward to a very romantic and good story.

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I see you’re new here so I’ll try to be as nice as possible.

First step, find a map/level that is an actual forest, it’ll help. Using Gm_construct is a very bad thing to do. Second, I don’t want to be mean but this stuff (anime characters, fan fiction, etc) is usually frowned upon, most people here aren’t too nice about it either. Your dialog is…odd, and the models are not very detailed. Best of luck though, keep practicing (don’t post everything you make here, too much WIP is bad) and just keep improving. Make sure your models are posed naturally and your characters behave rationally.

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Biscuit-Boy pretty much sums up what I would have suggested.

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Excelent plot would read again.

those models are low poly as fuck. but then again, who in their right mind would want to upgrade them

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I fantastic tear jerking tale. I nearly lost my shit when I heard Kagome announce her love for Inuyashsa’s brother.

A+ would read forever

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Thx for all positive comment, I will prepare another maybe tonight or tomorow later. I have a really good plan to make the story deeper and cry much for Inuyasha :(xoxox. Maybe other characters make appearences to read to find out :D.

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Uh huh. He says in the OP he’s from Tokyo and just moved to America, but his location seems to be in Canada, which I assure you is NOT America. I am leaning towards a ‘troll’ here.