Dramatic friendly fire - L4D2 killing L4D


Yeah :c

Made me die little bit inside.


Moar Zombies tough
Also lol at the PS3 Icon

Editing looks kewl, but posing on the Infected could be better in my opinion.

Posing looks a bit funky, but the editing’s good.

Posing on the chick is a bit odd, all the other posing is good. Also, the girls feet are poorly motion blurred. Otherwise, good work.

Everything’s great, except Zoey’s pose. :saddowns:

The pose isn’t really bad, maybe from this angle, but lazy selecting the legs is more of a problem that’s why the blur looks weird… :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks though!

The angle is really cool mate, and the editing is nice, but I dont understand the smoke/gray stuff around the survivors… is it part of the muzzleflash or something? :o

ps3 icon?

He means the Thread Icon.

I’m not seeing how L4d2 is involved, is that Coach operating the machine gun or something?

This image saddened me a little, not because it’s bad but because tis a little sad picture.

“Oh god, Francis”

posing could use some work, but the idea and the editing are nice!

Yeah one of the L4d2 crew is shooting the AK.

It’s the impact of the bullets into the ground. :slight_smile:

Yeah the posing is really quite sketchy but the editing is nice… apart from the terrible blur on Zoey’s legs. Is she moving so fast that the asphalt is being torn up too? Needs more detailed isolation.

I just spotted the same effect around Francis too. Looks lazy. It’s a shame because the lighting and blood are so good.

Very awesome, like the dramatic editing