Draw a ViewModel without a SWEP

Is it possible to set the player’s current viewmodel, or to draw a new one on top? I have a “blood” viewmodel that I’d like to draw, what’s the best way to do it?

Check the “PostDrawViewModel” hook for draw a model over the weapon
More info about render order

How would I set the position of the ClientsideModel to fill the entire HUD?

Maybe using the eye attachment as reference

Does the eye attachment actually show where the player is looking?

EDIT: When using ply:EyePos(), the model is really jumpy, especially when sprinting, not sure why. I’d like it to just fill the screen without bobbing or anything, just like the HUD would.

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When trying to use cam.Start3D inside HUDPaint, I can draw it full screen fine, but even though the model is transparent, I can no longer see the default ViewModels for the weapon I am holding. Is there any way to draw the ClientsideModel so that you can see your ViewModel through it?

If it’s not complex, you can remake it as overlay.

Don’t use attachment eye pos for standard walking; unless it is for drunkenness-simulation… GetAimVector( ) should be what you need.

It’s quite a complex model, as it has 20 bones and uses them to create the illusion of liquid viscosity.

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I’ll try this. I assume the eye pos attachment lags behind due to client-server lag (there’s still a tiny bit, even on singleplayer).

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That lags behind too much too :frowning:

It isn’t that it “lags” because the model animations are predicted / fluid. It puts the camera where the eyes are, and when walking it goes up/down and around due to the walking animation. If you view the character in thirdperson, where the head is during walking is where the camera would be… It works for first-person deaths, but for walking around it is pretty unstable, not to mention you can’t look straight up or down.