draw.RoundedBox on side of prop not top?

Okay so I’m currently customizing these printers for a server but I can’t get the bar in the right place.

Is what it currently looks like, but this is where I want the bar to be:

Here is my current code to display the bar:

Ang:RotateAroundAxis(Ang:Forward(), 90)
cam.Start3D2D(Pos + Ang:Forward() , Ang, 0.11)
draw.RoundedBox(2, -barBG*0.5, 18, barBG, 40, Color(0, 0, 0, 100))
draw.RoundedBox(2, -barBG*0.5, 18, self:GetNWInt("Stage"), 40, Color(255, 255, 255, 255))

How can I make it display in the front of the printer? Much appreciated, thank guys!

Where you have Pos + Ang:Forward() you need to add more values to offset it.
[lua]Pos + Ang:Forward()10 + Ang:Up()-10[/lua]
would move it ‘forward’ 10 and ‘up’ -10. Play with the values to get it right for your prop. You can also use Ang:Right()