draw.RoundedBox Z Position?

Im trying to figure out how if at all possible, to make the draw.RoundedBox function go BEHIND a drawn texture.

I have an on screen transparent texture and i have a red box on top of it, i wanted to try and get the draw.RoundedBox (The red box) to be BEHIND the texture.

Any help? Maybe another function besides draw.RoundedBox?

Loures set a gradient behind the avatar image. I’m sure you could paw through the code and figure it out. Sorry if this isn’t what you meant :stuck_out_tongue:

Think like that. The code is read from top to bottom so if you want the RoundedBox to be behind a texture just do this which mean the box will be behind the texture.

Really depends how you are drawing the initial texture.

Annnnnd we have a winner! Thanks!